What is an Assessment?


The Assessment is an evaluation and examination of a Boerboel's conformational structure compared to WBL&R's Ideal Boerboel (i.e. standard).


Why is an Assessment necessary?


Each and every registered Boerboel must have an Assessment performed by an WBL&R Assessor.


An Assessment determines if a presented dog has any signs of other breeds.


For Basic Registration, the Assessment results in either an Accepted or Pet designation. Dogs indicated as Pets on their registration have not met the minimum conformational requirements and consequently can not be bred within WBL&R, nor participate in any shows or events other than Pet competitions.


For League Registration, the Assessment results in level categories of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Pet. These indicate how well the Boerboel's Assessment scores were, and will be visable on the WBL&R Registration Documents Anything less than Bronze will be placed in the Pet category, which means the dog may not be bred nor participate in any shows or events other than Pet competitions.


What does an Assessment consist of?


An Assessment can be an event for many, many dogs, people, and spectators. Or it can be a one dog function and last all of 20 minutes. It can be held at a Member's residence, a park, a rented building or property.


The Member presents the Boerboel. The Assessor views the dogs from several angles. Has the dog move, trot, and walk. The Assessor will compare the dog's conformation to WBL&R's Ideal Boerboel and place the dog in the appropriate Level (Platinum, Gold, Silver...).


Ultimately, it is a competition, however it is an important tool for both WBL&R, as well as the Members and Breeders. Members gain valuable feedback on the quality of their Boerboel, and direction for their breeding program. It is an interaction, at time for the Member to listen, and ask questions on Boerboels and breeding Boerboels.


WBL&R is gaining knowledge on the quality of its registered Boerboels, and assisting the Membership in improving their breeding programs.


An Assessment may also be performed on a Boerboel with a Member's submitted video and pictures.


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