Levels of Registration


WBL&R offers 2 levels of participation for our Membership. 


Basic Level


Basic Level Registration is for Members and Breeders that do not want or need to compete in shows and/or conformational scoring Assessments.  Assessments are still required for Registration, however, the result of the Assessment will only be either Accepted or Pet designation. There are also lessor charges for Assessments and annual dues.


League Level


League Level Registration is for Members and Breeders that want to compete, and be judged against the very best Boerboels in WBL&R. League Level Assessments have results labeled as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These Boerboels also are eligible to complete in the WBL&R National Shows.  The charges for Assessments and annual dues are higher than the Basic Level.


The Registration Process


WBL&R Members can have their Boerboel officially registered as long as it is a purebred, micro-chipped, and you have submitted the associated paperwork (birth document, registration, pedigree, under your name) and the WBL&R Registration Application (See Forms/Submissions) for each Borboel.


Once the paperwork is accepted and the Boerboel has been deteremined to be eligible, it must participate in an Assessment (see Protocol, Rules & Requirements) by a WBL&R Assessor.  The Boerboel must be greater than 1 year of age, and the owner must be a WBL&R Member.                                                      


Birth Document (See Forms/Submissions) 


Buyers of a new pup should have received a Birth Document when they received their new pup.  Breeders must submit Litter Notifications (Forms/Submissions) in order to obtain the required Birth Documents for each pup.Those Birth Documents are then given to the new owners of each pup. Buyers will need to submit the Birth Documents in order to have the Boerboel Assessed and registered once the age threshold has been reached.


Non-WBL&R Boerboels


Members presenting adult Boerboels that have non-WBL&R parents, must provide any and all lineage/pedigree/registration paperwork they may have. All other rules will apply regarding registration.




An Assessment is a requirement for any Boerboel to become registered with WBL&R. The Assessment is basically a conformational analysis of your Boerboel, based upon the Ideal Boerboel.  Members can have their eligible Boerboel Assessed via video or in person, by a WBL&R Assessor.  To be eligible the Boerboel must be greater than one year of age, be micro-chipped, possess a WBL&R Birth Document, or have had its other registry paperwork approved by WBL&R.


The Member can contact WBL&R and request an Assessment. The Assessment must be paid for in advance.




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