Worldwide Boerboel League & Registry (WBL&R)

Worldwide Boerboel League is an American based sole breed canine club and registry dedicated to the promotion, direction, improvement, and awareness of the Boerboel, AKA, the South African Mastiff.

Founded in 2006, WBL&R has gradually increased its presence in the Boerboel world. But, as the breed's popularity has skyrocketed, we have made some moves to prepare for this growth. We  recently reorganized to enhance and expand our services and commitment to our membership.


We encourage you to explore our website, reach out to our breeders, become a WBL&R member, or contact us directly. A Boerboel is a fantastic breed of dog, and we can assist you in determining if it is the right dog for you.


Already a Boerboel owner? No problem. Any purebred Boerboel is eligible for registration with WBL&R, provided there is documentation supporting the dog's ownership and lineage. We are here to provide your club and registry needs.

Why Worldwide Boerboel League?

WBL&R offers a variety of services. We maintain the ancestry pedigrees of the Boerboels. We also maintain the membership registry, perform Assessments, sponsor the shows, offer breeder's advertisement, and provide informational support.


Whether you own one Boerboel or twenty Boerboels, if you desire a show enviornment & conformation competition or not. Whether you are a breeder of Boerboels or just have them as pets, WBL&R is the Club for you. Our staff is knowledgable, respectful, responsive, and pleasant.

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