Any person, worldwide, that owns an eligible Boerboel may become a Member of WBL&R.  Being a Member is a privilege and comes with responsibility (see Protocol, Rules & Requirements).


This website has been created solely for the pleasure and use by WBL&R Members. In order to fund our business and maintain our services, there are Membership Fees (see Forms/Submissions), and Member rules (see Protocol, Rules & Requirements) which apply to everyone.


Typically, you will want to join after you receive your new Boerboel. Hopefully you will have some paperwork that came with it. Either a birth document, a registration document, or a pedigree. You will need to submit that paperwork, along with the completed Membership Application (see Forms/Submissions) to the WBL&R email address.


At the same time. You will want to familarize youself with the Protocol, Rules & Requirements (see Forms/Submissions).  It is self explanatory, and outlines what it means to be a Member and Breeder within WBL&R. By signing the Membership Application you have agreed and commited yourself to these binding stipulations.

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